• Web Development

    We love the process of helping our clients through their web development needs.
    Please let our team prepare a proposal that is tailored to your needs.

  • SEO Services

    We have been helping clients with search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), lead generation, re-targeting, and social media. Need assistance with SEO?

  • Mobile Application Development

    We do mobile development for phones and tablets built in IOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices. Need assistance with your mobile application development project?

  • Web Design

    We offer design services for identity branding, website design, and marketing designs. Whether you need a new logo for a new company, a new touch-up for your website, or launching a marketing campaign that needs a visual message to captivate your audience. We can assist with you next design needs.


We are


We are a full service software technology company with offices in California and Las Vegas Nevada. We provide all of the technology services, tools and guidance that you will need to effectively run your business.

Software Development

We build applications for windows, mac, and linux. We create stand alone console applications, operating system services, database management, and GUI windows. We also assist with training and documentation of your existing systems.

Web Development

Our web design company creates websites, web applications, and web widgets. We specialize in crm, e-commerce, api development, and customized web development. Our web development company will leverage the latest web technologies like html5, css3, and responsive web design to suite your needs.

Game Development

We love to play games and we equally love to create them. We create 2D and 3D based games in the following categories: action, adventure, arcade, role playing, strategy, simulation, driving, and puzzle base games. We build games for ios, android, windows, mac, linux, and web.

Mobile Development

Our mobile development experts create native applications for mobile phones and tablets. We specialize in ios, android, and windows phone devices. Whether your looking to extend your current online web solution to a mobile device or develop a brand new idea our mobile development team is ready to help. Let our band of experts help with your mobile application


Our seo services, focus on online marketing strategy solutions that will get you results. We offer search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), lead generation, re-targeting, social media, online brand management, and online public relations. Our seo services are part of our dedication to your success.

What we do

  • Our Services
  • Our Process


Behind every successful project there is a great team. Our team has the skills, experience and passion to successfully complete any project.

Project Management

We live by our commitment to deliver a project on time. Let our project managers guide your project to success.

Customer Service

We believe great customer service is part of maintaining a great relationship with our clients. Our mission is to deliver great customer service.


We test because we care about delivering a great product. Our quality assurance team testing process will strive to catch every bug.


We leverage industry compliance best practices to assist with passing any regulatory compliance requirements.  


We leverage the best encryption tools, secured socket layer connections, and security best practices in every project architecture.


We strive to make systems simple and user friendly to reduce the learning curve and training. Our team can do one-on-one, group, and/or online training.


We can provide user guide, technical documentation, forums and faq’s to give your team the power to self serve.


Whether your upgrading to new features or need assistance fixing issues our development team can be of great service.

  • Brain Storming

    Here is where all the magic happens. We love listening and sharing ideas.

  • Planning

    We set milestones, assign responsibilities, and set expectations.

  • Development

    We roll up our sleeves and develop leveraging our best practices.

  • launch

    We train, maintain, and market. Your success is our success!



Whether we are downloading the latest application, playing the latest game, or sitting around in the lunch room talking about technology – We Love IT.

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We develop for these languages: .net, ruby on rails, php, nodejs, java, and unity3d. We develop for windows, mac, linux, ios, android, and web.