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Project Management Myths Proven Wrong

When it comes to project management, there are several myths and misconceptions that need further clarification to avoid stigma.

Myth #1 Remote Collaboration is unproductive

For many employers, granting individuals the ability to work remotely is still considered to be taboo. The misconception here is that remote collaboration is unproductive and therefore a waste of money and company resources. However, 37% of businesses have agreed that their remote employees are more engaged and more productive than their counterparts. In addition, a whopping 75% of supervisors state they have more satisfied employees because of their ability to work remotely. These growing statistics are beginning to set the foundation for more companies to look into from home opportunities for their employees.

Myth #2 Project Managers Must Have A Certification

Due to the increase and high-demand of projects, many companies have sought out the help of project managers in order to keep important communication and deadlines in place. This growing number of project management positions has set off a myth that a certification is strictly required. However, top notch tech companies like IBM state that only 56% of their project managers actually hold a formal certification. While it’s an added benefit to have, 2/3 of CIO’s believe it’s definitely not a necessity. Therefore, we believe that hands on experience in project management along with strong communication and attention to detail is more valuable than any certification.

Myth #3 Project Management Is All Paperwork

Project managers are at the forefront of project development and serve as a liaison between the client and development team. Although the myth states that project managers deal entirely with paperwork, the truth stands far from the myth. Reality is the project manager spends an astounding 90% of their work day in constant communication.

Myth #4 Frequent Meetings Are Vital To Keep Everyone On Track

Although meetings are used to bring more clarification, organization, and unison to those involved in a specific project, it is not necessary to have them all of the time for everything involved. When polled, 47% of workers stated that frequent meetings were the number one time waster during their work day. Furthermore, employees also mentioned that when attending long meetings 30% of that time goes wasted. To counter this myth, it’s been suggested to hold stand-up meetings instead of the common sit down meetings because their 34% shorter and just as productive.

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