7 Myths of Mobile App Development

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7 Myths of Mobile App Development

The development of mobile applications is a growing industry that attracts entrepreneurs from all over the world. However, many app developers new to the industry have several misconceptions about the process of mobile app development.

To help first-time mobile app developers begin their journey developing mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms, here are a few common myths about mobile application development that are completely busted.

Myth #1: Unique ideas are best.

Contrary to popular belief, the more unique an idea is, the more uncertainty arises about whether an idea is useful or feasible. A Cornell University paper identifies that creative ideas face the harshest criticism and less-novel ideas are more likely to gain support because they are tried and trusted. You must execute ideas well in order to be understood and well received. If ideas are unique, it takes flawless execution of development to gain support.

Myth #2: If people think your idea sounds great, it is.

When pitching a product to friends or colleagues when it is in development, their reactions are figurative. It’s difficult to form an opinion about a product without using it. You shouldn’t trust advice from someone who hasn’t tested your product. Look for advice from people who have used your product, especially those who have paid for the product and continue to use it. These people with have more constructive criticism and advice to offer.

Myth #3: Getting funded is priority number 1.

Starting out, the priority is creating your product, developing your product, and attracting customers. Raising venture capital is one of the most difficult processes of creating and developing a product. Instead of focusing on funding, you should focus on bringing your product to market. Expect to complete the process without being dependent on a VC.

Myth #4: It’s easy to get funded with just an idea.

Because it costs less these days to create a venture based on technology, VCs look for solid products that are substantiated by user tests. Before these venture capitalists even think about investing in your product, your startup venture needs to show growth potential and prove its worth.

Myth #5: You need to be tech-savvy to be successful.

You shouldn’t consider technology as a difficulty along the journey of development of your idea. Even if you know little about technology, your ideas are still valid and can still be realized. Technology is a tool that unlocks ideas. Implementing technology is easy as hiring and individual or an agency dealing with technology that can aid in achieving your business goals without spending your time on the technical aspects of the product.

Myth #6: Building an app means people will use it.

Your job is not finished once your mobile app is completed and put in the iOS or Android market. Actually, building and developing a mobile application is the easiest part of the process. What comes next is getting customers to use your product and use them consistently.

Myth #7: It always takes a lot of money to market a product.

It’s true that marketing your product may be an important part of your business plan, but marketing doesn’t always have to cost a lot. If you are successful in wowing your first round of customers, word-of-mouth will provide you with nearly cost-free marketing. The reaction of your users is one of the most valuable marketing tools.

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