About Us

Who We Are

Skrocket is a highly experienced web design company that specializes in mobile application development, games, software, web development, marketing, and seo services, Located in California. Our clients range from new startups who have a neat idea that need to take it to the next level, fortune 500 companies who need to offset development work to move project initiatives forward and software/web development brokerage firms. We enjoy working with all types of clients and enjoy establishing a long lasting relationship that keeps clients coming back to us for more. We believe every client is more than just a client but a partner.

We work with various technologies, frameworks, and tools to provide our clients comprehensive solutions to address there needs. Our highly skilled team, is eager to lead you in your project endeavors. Whether you have a neat idea, a project that you need to get off the ground, or you need to offset your development staff - we can assist you and your staff.

What We Do

Skrocket is a web design company that develops for software, web, mobile and the gaming industry. We have been a web developement company for the past 15 years and are very passionate about technology and the footprint we want to leave behind. We understand the software life cycle and therefore understand all of the hurdles that occur at every stage. However, it’s not only our goal to overcome these obstacles, but to surpass them as well. In addition to having a hand within the technology realm, our team is driven to provide the best seo services to all of our clients. Because our staff has years of industry experience we’re able insure a smooth, seamless, and predictable project launch.

Past Projects

Web Development32%
Mobile Development28%
SEO Marketing15%

Why We Do It

  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Core Values

Our vision at Skrocket is not to be at the forefront of change, but rather stir the movements that create change. For us, leading the world in a positive and inspiring way and enabling society to challenge their own ideologies is the foundation of our thinking.

We believe that by creating a positive and uplifting work environment, we are able to bring together the world’s top technology experts in order to create a global workforce with a global purpose. That is essential in not only allowing us to serve our clients, but rather guide and mentor their own movement of change. Skrocket believes that in doing so we are able to give back to society and leave a lasting footprint for others to follow.

Our company vision is to connect and establish a solid foundation that will allow for further opportunities and meaningful collaborations. For us, every project is an opportunity to help other entrepreneurs achieve their goals and expand our presence in new and innovative markets.


We are honest in all interactions. We earn our reputation by being honest, trustworthy, and delivering on results.


We strive for excellence in everything we do and we invest in continuous quality improvement.


We encourage innovation and we embrace change as an opportunity to learn and grow.


We encourage and reward outstanding performance. We hold ourselves accountable for achieving great results.

Team Work

We value diversity and we believe in open communication, trust, and respect to achieve results.


We are committed to the development and improvement of our team, our process, and our organization.